Caroline Higgs – (She’s) Well Connected

From the beginning I thought that I knew where I was going, I was wrong and after great deliberation I changed course. This is an image from a photo I took in Central France a few years ago; we had been driving to and fro along a certain road and this image reminded me of a women’s face so we stopped and I photographed it. I think that maybe I have briefly entered a ‘naive’ phase, but the image spoke to me and for me it didn’t require more.

The pylon was machine stitched then the stitching couched to give a more solid line, the outline was then quilted in blue to match the hand-painted background, and the sky was also lightly quilted. The use of beads to add the wire carriers are the eyes, ear-rings and hair decorations of the woman, the wires are silver thread which are strung and fixed at certain points between the carriers. The trees are simple but I didn’t want to detract from the main image. The piece is bound with the backing material, calico which gives a defined but unobtrusive edge.


Close up Views:



  1. I could tell right away that the image was a structure and that it resembled a human face. I’m most interested in the materials you used to make it come about. Great fun!

  2. This must have been a fun quilt to design and stitch, I just love it and her face is there for all to see. Cheers

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