Cindy Richard – Series #1 – Black and white

My quilts are usually poignantly colorful. That’s what made creating a black and white work for this quilt challenge so complicated for me. I discovered as I worked that there are lots of black and white shades. Just as there are values and hues of purples and blues, so too are there variations in blacks and whites.

My cat, Stripes, was not black and white. The challenge of creating her likeness using shades that were not hers, totally from printed black and white cotton fabrics seemed to be impossible at first. But I discovered that I could play with the density of the patterns and they worked just like values do. The more dense the pattern, the darker the fabric appears. By mixing these different values of blacks and whites and by paying attention to the pattern design direction, I slowly composed fur patches, which I raw edge appliquéd on a black background. The piece is more effective if viewed from a distance. Every time I come into my studio I see Stripes looking back at me from my design wall.

Techniques: Raw edge appliqué, free motion quilting, hand sewn binding

Materials: Cotton fabric, tulle, cotton and polyester thread, 80/20 cotton/poly batting


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  1. Bravo Cindy a great design you can feel the friendliest of your cat.

  2. carolinehiggs

    Beautiful! I love the way that you have used your fabrics to create the fur and also the use of the negative spaces, you have captured Stripes’ character really well.

  3. It is obvious that you are a cat lover ! I admire the way you have used your black and white fabrics to create such a real portrait ! Bravo Cindy !

  4. This is like a black and white photo. Wonderful how you used the different fabrics on the right position. It looks so real.

  5. I like how you have been using the different designs and pattern-density of the fabric to create shadow. A wonderful portrait of your dear cat.

  6. Wonderful use of the patterns in the fabric to create lights and dark. It is a fantastic cat!

  7. joanbrailsford

    I love the way that the density of the prints gives the shading that makes your cat come alive. It really does have a life-like character in the face. A wonderful piece.

  8. You did a lovely job picking the fabrics creating depth, dimension and a lifelike likeness of your sweet kitty Stripes. Well done Cindy.

  9. As a Certified Cat Person, this one appeals to me very much. Terrific use of the fabrics to achieve a wonderful likeness!

  10. Great ability to combine and assemble fabrics and make your cat so real. The detail of the ear coming out of the quilt gives it a three-dimensional effect. Magnificent!

  11. This must be the sweetest cat ever and you managed to catch it in a very interesting way. Love your use of fabric, the effects you created with the tule and the little ear that crosses the border, great work.

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