Bozena Wojtaszek – Flight

Happy landing

My first and only idea for Flight was – birds! The challenge was how to connect them with a kitchen. So all I had to do was to give them a reason to come to the kitchen. That was easy – big bowl of seeds did the job. So here is another kitchen portrait with unexpected visitors.

Detail views:

  1. Maryte Collard

    I am always intrigued waiting to see what is happening in the kitchen! I love it!

  2. What a nice visitors in your kitchen. I think it is amazing that you realize each theme to connect it to the kitchen. I also like the design and details in your kitchen an am looking forward to the next one. Well done!

  3. Each time I am waiting to see how you will interprete the theme keeping your own theme !
    Bravo up to now it worked beautifully ! Very good wormanship.

  4. Insects in the kitchen are something I can relate to, especially in summer. You have done a marvelous job of packing a lot of detail into a relatively small piece without making it seem over crowded. The little stitched details add wonderful visual interest.

  5. I love your kitchen series and the idea of adding birds gathering seeds is great. The colours and details really evoke a feeling of a cosy kitchen and are beautifully worked. Well done

  6. A great addition to your series of kitchens, I love the way that the birds and flying in for the seed. Great stitch detail as well.

  7. studiociboulette

    I love your kitchen series. the window gives the sensation of flight from the beginning. Beautiful.

  8. Cute idea. I like how you keep working the quilts into the kitchen theme. Nice job!

  9. Always very interesting your choice of the theme Kitchen. Very precise in the details and work perfectly realized. Bravo!
    I am very intrigued by how you will approach the photoshoot challenge.

  10. Such a creative idea to interpret the theme Flight in this way into your kitchen series. Well done.
    I love your tablecloth.

  11. You created the perfect idea for flight in your kitchen theme.
    Love all the details … made me smile!

  12. A very neat kitchen with the birds making a mess of it. Very clever interpretation of the theme fitting in your kitchen series.

  13. Another delicate kitchen scene. Your birds are great fun.

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