Els Mommers- Spring Garden

When the theme Garden came up, my first intention was to make a tropical Garden. I have been doing a lot of tropical flowers in my quilts lately and I really wanted to use them again for this piece. But then I attended a workshop from the Swedish Susan Dahlberg and I decided I would love to use her technique for this theme.

I found a Garden picture on internet for my inspiration and I used it to make my own drawing.

I then painted a background on fabric with diluted acrylic  paint. Over the background came a piece of voile that I attached by free motion stippling.

Next step was cutting lots of small pieces of voile in different colors. These again were attached to the background with stippling and some voile over it. The  tree tunks are made with double voile and the branches are  threadpainted. Shadow in the tree trunks is threadpainted with dark and light thread.

The foliage of the trees and the flowers is done by cutting very small pieces of embroidery thread, sprinkle it around the treebranches and free motion quilt a piece of voile over it.

In the same way the flowers are done.

Colors differ by putting different colors of voile over it. The  big tree in the right corner has pink voile over the right side of the tree and green voile over het left side. In this way it creates some shade.

This Spring Garden reminds me of some impressionists paintings.





  1. Beautiful colours and shapes, and you are right, I thought it looked like an impressionist painting

  2. This is beautiful Els, I love the soft, gentle feel it has to it, so calming. Diana

  3. What a lovely piece! I am particularly taken with the way you created the light and shadow on the tree trunks, and with the delicate floral impressions at the base of the tree in the foreground. 🙂

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