Els Mommers – M

Man O’War jellyfish

Inspiration: While diving or snorkeling I sometimes saw a jellyfish and, although I was very afraid of their sting, I was always very intrigued by their transparency. They appear so suddenly and unexpected and are so different from the rest of the underwater life.

I again wanted this piece to be a continuation of the coral landscape in my previous pieces with a new addition every time. This time I hand painted a piece of flower- and a piece of star-coral, what is mixed with painted lutrador, tyvek and puff paste pieces. I also painted a big purple cup sponge. Some sponges I made with beads wrapped in organza and boiled. After removing the beads the organza kept the bubbles and gave a 3D effect. I also crocheted some small cup sponges.

The jellyfish is made of several layers of organdie and shiny organza and is made 3D too. The tentacles are made with painted dryer sheets and couched cotton and woolen threads. The whole piece is covered with blue organza and some pieces of shimmering open woven sheer fabric. The sea is quilted with a bubble motif.

Pictures of the whole process can be seen on my blog: http://kunamola.blogspot.com


Detail views:


  1. Lovely! I always admire the number of different techniques you manage to fit together in one piece with so much harmony; a great addition to your series.

  2. Wonderful, i agree with Caro your techniques are to be admired. Your quilt is playful and colorful.

  3. Another magnificent piece that goes to embellish your series. The quantity of techniques used is admirable. A fascinating piece of harmony and choice of colours.

  4. I love your gelly fish ! the fabric you used is perfect ! and I am also intrigued by your technique “boiling beads in organza” !
    So many ideas and always a great artistic composition !

  5. So much color and texture! You always amaze me with all the creative and unique techniques you use in your art quilts. Another amazing piece to add to your series! Love it!

  6. Another beautiful addition to your series. I too admire the number of techniques used. Your jellyfish looks very real and the purple cup sponge is something else! The 3D effect is very effective and your colours are beautiful as always.

  7. Great depiction of this underwater monster. Love the many techniques used and the colours are divine!

  8. Another wonderful underwater depiction and a beautiful addition to your series. The techniques and fabrics you have used perfectly depict the life in the coral reef. I love the way that your stithcing brings life to the piece. Love it

  9. studiociboulette

    Gorgeous quilt Els, I love your attention to details and the way you take me under water. I love the way you were able to render the transparency of the jelly fish. Absolutely stunning. Bravo!

  10. Love the way you created your jellyfish. And again all the details and materials to create your underwater world, beautiful as always. Your series together must be wonderful to look at!

  11. So much detail here – lots to enjoy. Your many clever techniques have produced another lovely underwater picture for your series.

  12. As always I am impressed how you manage to put so many things in such a small piece. The result, as always, is stunning and your creativity is limitless.

  13. As usual it’s amazing how many different techniques you use! Beautiful and colorful piece!

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