Sonia Ruiz – Decay


After the Quilt show in Mexico City, there was an excursion to the floating gardens of Xochimilco .  There, we were able to ride on a “trajinera”  (a famous type of a colorful, flat bottom boat).   During this water cruise we had an embroidery class given by an indigenous teacher from the hills of Oaxaca.  In between our hand sewing, we could look up and see other colorful boats filled with musicians, others selling food, flowers and souvenirs.  During our excursion we floated through more quiet areas where we could see trajineras and chalupas that were no longer in use.  A few were underwater with moss growing on it, others well weathered and looked abandoned.  My quilt is based on a picture I took of an old door with a weathered chalupa (type of canoe) in front of it.

I used a confetti technique to emphasize the overgrowth of the grass and weeds. I used variegated cording to create the tree and scraps of tyvek that Els had given me, for all the wood looking parts, a yellow ribbon for the inside of the chalupa and black tulle to make it look like the chalupa is floating in the greenish water.  I burned off some of the tulle on the door and wooden areas and shaded the inside of the boat with a fabric marker.

Close up view:
  1. Dramatic but somehow calming image. Just like the cycle of life is.

  2. carolinehiggs

    Your choice of colours really add the feel feel of damp decay, a very effective and atmospheric piece, well done.

  3. Magnificent representation of a Gothic atmosphere. Excellent choice of colours and perfect processing. I love it.

  4. Your choice of colour for the confetti technique is perfect ! the scene is so real, I just love it ! and the yellow ribbon for the inside of the boat is very clever.

  5. Your work really gives a feeling of dampness, and abandonment, and deterioration. The yellow ribbon shines some light- good job!

  6. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work. The confetti technique works fabulously.

  7. Very nice, you feel the atmosphere of wetness and decay, the little boat is an eye-catcher because of the golden yellow inside, well done!

  8. Very damp and dark. I particularly like the tree trunk.

  9. This so reminds me of that beautiful day in Xochimilco. I love the way how you translated the picture you took into this wonderful piece. The inside of the chalupa really draws your attention and of course I am attracted to the door. Awesome!

  10. Great composition. The 3D effect is very well done. Quite effective!

  11. joanbrailsford

    This is a very atmospheric piece that captures the feeling of a disused door within the woodland canopy. Your confetti technique is perfect for the foliage and the detail of the stitching is wonderful. The yellow of the canoe gives just the right amount of light and contrast. Lovely work

  12. A great composition to use the confetti technique for. The tree and the door are done very well. I also like the golden detail of the boat.

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