Ann Turley – Music

Whole Notes, No Rest

I’m calling my little quilt “Whole Notes, No Rest”. It is made from mainly silk decorator fabrics with a bit of wool tossed in as well. My inspiration comes from many years of playing clarinet, from age 10 to about 22, then occasionally picking it up to do a little noodling over the years. Whole notes and rests were to me the most boring part of music, yet vital to any performance. As I matured I came to realize that these two parts of music gave background and support to the rest of the orchestra, a time for other instruments to shine.

  1. As a former student of piano I can truly understand these “boring but necesarry” parts 🙂 But your work isn’t boring at all, Ann!

  2. Thank you for explaining 🙂 I have no experience of playing music but listening is never boring to me. Now I understand your piece and love it.

  3. A great take on the subject and very clever link between the notes and rests. Love the colours that you have used.


    I understand perfectly your explanation : my husband is a clarinetist and I have to listen to him when he is practicing at home ! very often it is very boring and completly different from performances when he plays with other musicians.

  5. Skilful interpretation of what the clarinet can do. The colour palette adds to the interpretation.

  6. Your story and colors are speaking together, making music that will never be boring. Love the rhythm that is in your quilt, like a morse code, which is alo music…

  7. studiociboulette

    With your quilt I am transported into space and yes I do hear the clarinet. I love your choice of color and quilting. Beautiful!

  8. An interesting and beautifully worked piece. I love the colours and patterns you have incorporated, and your quilting really completes then piece.

  9. An interesting and personal interpretation of the theme. I find the colour scheme restful and there is definitely rhythm in the design.

  10. I love your inserts with the colours.They form a nice counterweight to the monotonous rhythm of the notes. Very effective quilting.

  11. Whole notes and rests are the building blocks for all music, creative abstract interpretation of the theme. Nicely done!

  12. A great composition and a good use of the fabrics.

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