Joan Brailsford – Lines

For the theme of Lines, I have chosen a modern skyline as my inspiration (loosely based on the New York skyline, following a recent precious holiday there with my family).
I wanted an overall recognisable outline without being too literal about the building details. My colour scheme for the buildings therefore reflects my mellow and warm memories of my visit rather than their actual colours. I have used mainly hand dyed fabrics with a small amount of commercial fabrics which fitted my colour scheme. I used simply machine stitched appliqué for the building shapes, adding minimal hand-stitched details. For the water in the foreground I transfer printed  plain organza to suggest reflections. I used metallic threads and long stitch to hand quilt the water, and a toning blue thread and short running stitches to hand quilt the sky. The binding is uneven sized strips of the fabric used for the buildings.


Thank you for visiting.

  1. Hi Joan, this is such a colourful quilt, the colours work well to bring our the features of the building. Well done

  2. What a wonderful quilt…love this interpretation of the NY skyline ( have visited many times as my only sister lives in New Jersey)

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