Sonia Ruiz – Series #1 – Black and white – Sugar skull

For the Black and White challenge I wanted to see if I could create a dimensional look with the slashing technique.  I started with a canvas for support then a layer of black background then added 2 layers of white.  I didn’t want it to fuzzy because I wanted to be able to see the black lines.  I then raw appliquéd a simple design of the eyes, nose and drew in the mouth with a black sharpie. I sewed straight lines and then curved them to the skull shape to try to create the dimensional look and then I slashed it.  I washed and dried it and finished it with a black and white polka dotted binding.  I embellished it with the black beads that I saved from my daughters old sandals and added them around the eyes, nose and mouth.  I discovered that the less detail you put in is better for this technique.

Close up view:
  1. Amazing, love all the detail that went into the sewing and slashing. Bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    This is really clever. The stitch lines and spacing hase been very successful. Good use of beads for added detail.

  3. Interesting technique ! The way you sew the curved lines to make the skull appear is very effective.

  4. I never thought you could create a dimensional look with this technique. But it works well!

  5. This quilt is so Mexican where the skull is abundant in folkart. You created a stunning piece with this special technique. It really shows a 3D effect. Very well done.

  6. Incredible effect. It does look like sugar. Love it!

  7. joanbrailsford

    The effect you have achieved is stunning, and I am very impressed by how 3-dimensional the finished product looks. The beadwork gives just the right amount of detail;. Well done

  8. Nice and creepy just like you would want from a skull. Cool technique.

  9. You managed to create a perfect 3D work with your technique. I love it.

  10. Your creation of a skull is lovely and very effective in this technique. Nice process you followed and a great starter of your series.

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