Genvieve Guadalupe – Music

I wonder

As I gaze upon the stars I wonder what space sounds like. While the bright, twinkling stars spin, their vibration must have sound. Because they are all different sizes each star must have a unique tone and therefore space must sound like a beautiful symphony. Could it sound like my guitar? I wonder…

Materials and technique:

Cotton fabric, hand dyed cotton fabric, cotton batting, poly/cotton thread, embroidery floss.

Raw edge applique, machine quilted, hand sewn, hand embroidered.

genevieve guadalupe I wonder 15x15 2019

Detail view:

genevieve guadalupe I wonder detail 15x15 2019

  1. Great idea and beautiful execution!

  2. You sure captured the depth of space behind the guitar. And yes, the space sounds like a guitar, my favorite musical instrument. I see, few stars landed on the strings…

  3. A beautifully constricted piece with great attention to detail.


    Beautifully excecuted ! we are surrounded by music, so why not space ?

  5. Marvelous, the colours are bold and vibrant.

  6. Styleful as usual, I love the way you can catch your thoughts in simple and straight images, speaking to the heart. Beautiful piece, bravo!

  7. Your piece has a souful feel to it, as if one could be transported to another world by listening. The detail work on the body of the guitar is fascinating.

  8. I never thought about sounds in space, but now I think there is.
    A strong design because you did only a part of the guitar.

  9. Really well worked depiction of your guitar, and the quiet background of stars is so peaceful. A very thought-provoking approach to the subject.

  10. Even the colours have their sounds. Your red vibrates great, and the stars that harp on your guitar create a beautiful and romantic harmony. Perfectly made as usual. Bravo!

  11. A great colour scheme and an interesting theory about the sounds of space.

  12. I love the depth you created with just two colors. The idea of music in space is marvellous. Your work is stylish as always.

  13. Strong, dramatic colors and soft curves create a tranquil, hypnotic and moving quilt. Love it Genevieve!

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