Els Mommers – Monoprint -Homage to Kañkáz


On an exhibition last year in the Modern Art museum Kampa in Prague,  I was intrigued by some work made by an artist called Kañkáz. He called them “Blottages”. I liked his designs and it looked a bit like monoprinting.

So after several attempts of monoprinting in a different way, I just dripped my design with some fluid paint on a Perspex sheet and printed it on heavy unbleached cotton.
After quilting I went over the whole piece with gold gilding paste.
To create some depth it is embellished with some hot fix Swarovski crystals and very small beads.

monoprint 1

Close up View:

monoprint detail 2

monoprint detail 1

  1. English quilter

    The piece is very interesting. The pebble quilting complements the painting. The gilding adds another layer of interest.

  2. What a unique way to work with this technique!

  3. The economy of colours and the density of quilting gives a unique effect ! beautiful !

  4. A lovely basic shape which is really enhanced by the dense machine quilting; Lovely.

  5. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    Beautiful print and quilting, nice embellishments… Keep on going!

  6. I love this idea of ‘blottages’ and your interpretation of it has produced a wonderful piece. The colours and quilting patterns have come together to give a wonderfully textured surface and the embellishments are exactly right. Well done

  7. Dear Els, this is a favourite, maybe because I love the contrast and fluid design offset with the quilting. Bravo

  8. Very unusual but distinctive. The quilting and embellishing really enhance the colours. I must investigate the gilding paste.

  9. I did not recognize it as yours, but it is beautiful! The quilting completes the design.

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