Chantal Guillermet – Artist style #3

CHAGALL : The Isba

The house is often represented in Chagall’s work by an old bent isba in reference to the houses in his native village.

I chose to represent the house because it is the cradle of traditions, it is there that they are passed on.

I used a piece of cloth embroidered with a monogram that I painted in bright red, with a few touches of brown and black in reference to the painter’s palette.

The isba is fused onto the background so that the background fabric can be seen between the different pieces to accentuate the colour contrast. The brown fabric used for the isba is hand dyed but has been repainted with inktense blocks to simulate the black beams.

Traditional embroidery motifs are embroidered in free motion quilting with black thread on the background fabric.

Chagall used black paint a lot to outline the shapes he represented.

  1. Love the construction of your house, great idea for making the background seen through the wood. Isba in our part of the world means one room house, where the whole life goes on simultaneusly. Very cozy just as your picture!
    Love the construction of your house, “isba” means one room house where the family life goes together, very cozy space and you nailed it!

  2. carolinehiggs

    An interesting interpretation with great choice of colour, lovely work.

  3. Bella Kaplan

    A beautiful idea for an artist-inspired work. Also the colors go very well together. well done.

  4. Maryte Collard

    I don’t know which style I admire more : your or Chagall’s. Yours is definitely here and I call it “gentleness” It has such a soft and gentle aura!

  5. I like the way you have allowed the background of your piece to show through the house, and the embroidery is wonderful.

  6. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work, the background embroidery is very effective in giving the Chagall vibe, and the red of course. Bravo!

  7. Wonderful interpretation and use of dyes and markers. A warm inviting scene.

  8. Such a neat idea to have the background showing through the isba (never heard that word before), it all breathes coziness. Beautiful stitching on background.

  9. So nice how you used the old linen into your quilt. I like the free motion motifs on the background, especialy the one coming out of the chimney.

  10. A lovely colour combination and great blend of your style with Chagall’s. I particularly like the embroidered motifs.

  11. Love your cozy isba (never heard that word, but now saw some nice pictures on the internet)
    You really captured the atmosphere of these little houses.Your embroidery motifs in the background are a nice complement. Very well done.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Your design and colours really represent a cosy isba very well. I love the additional touch of incorporating the monogram and the traditional moitfs. Well done

  13. You have made the color and the linen work very nicely with your design. The delicate traditional embroidery is a lovely touch and the background color peeking through the logs creates a sense of homeyness and warmth. Well done!

  14. I have been lucky to see it; I can say it’s a beautiful piece! I love this red and the nicety of your embroidery. Well done!

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