Bozena Wojtaszek – M


Inspiration: For the letters theme this year I decided to go with illuminated initials for food products. This is a perfect combination of my love for medieval art and food art. And my M went seasonal – it is for mushrooms.

Again all of my favourite techniques were in use– applique, beading, embroidery, hand and machine quilting. I also dyed the background fabric for the “old papyrus” effect and painted some extra gold spots just like the medieval monks did.

Detail views:


  1. I love your choice of truly autumnal colours for this piece and the finesse of your details. Lovely…

  2. I agree with Caro, like the curves and choice of fabric for your letter M.

  3. Nice piece in harmony with your series. I like the touch of humour with the small mushroom hiding behind the big letter M !

  4. Another lovely addition of your Illuminated letter series highlighting your beautiful, delicate handwork, but with a whimsical touch. Charming!

  5. Another great addition to you illuminated letter series. The lovely colouring is so in sync with the autumnal feel. Beautiful.

  6. A happy feel to this piece and a nice way to continue your series. Your colour palette is perfect for the subject and the stitching gives life to the piece. Lovely

  7. I love your subdued colours with the touch of gold. Your combined hand- and machine quilting
    is very playful,in this piece.

  8. studiociboulette

    Beautiful piece Bozena, it does take me back in time and I feel myself staring at an old book. Beautiful composition and choice of colors. Your stitching details are fantastic. Beautiful.

  9. Pretty mushrooms and another nice piece in your series. Love your stitching and the autumn look in this piece, well done!

  10. Lovely subtle colours for a very seasonal subject. The stitching adds superb detail.

  11. As in other quilts of your series you caught the medieval spirit perfectly. I love the gold (haha) and I also recognize those mushrooms.

  12. A lovely addition to your series. You chose the right colors for this piece.

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