Paola Zanda – C

C for Christ

For challenge C, I chose Christ. From the Gothic chapel of our Church of Santa Marta, I took the detail of the altar with the image of Christ. Paolo, as usual, took the picture and printed it on fabric.

Machine freehand embroidery.
Stencil did with a mask made by me.
Machine appliqué.

Commercial fabrics, Lutradur. Acrylic paint, Sewing machine threads of cotton, polyester, metallic for embroidery. HeatnBond Lite, Vlieseline Stickvlies, synthetic wadding.


Detail views:


  1. carolinehiggs

    Interesting subject choice with so much attention to detail, so patiently and neatly stitched. Lovely work.

  2. wow !!! it’s a real success paola, it reminds me of some icons.

  3. Beautiful rendition and I admire your very effective stitching! Makes me so curious, would love to come to Carona and see the original.

  4. This one is more dramatic ! but your series will be a real success ! I admire the embroidery and how you managed to make the face so real.

  5. Another beautiful fresco piece in your fresco series.I am in awe of your stitching of the Christ figure. Bravo.

  6. Wow, this has so much dramatic detail included! Everywhere I look I see something new to more closely examine. Where did you use the Lutrador?

  7. Maryte Collard

    Paola, your attention to details amazes me. This piece is not only perfect technically but also has an emotional effect on the viewer.

  8. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful stitchery and attention to detail makes this design something special. Well done

  9. Another superb quilt in your series, congratulations on tackling this subject.

  10. Beautiful! Love the feel of old icons, perfectly executed.

  11. You made another beautiful piece in your series Paola. Love the way you stitched it and your secure details.

  12. Another successful piece for your Fresco series. I particularly like the stitching in the left hand border.

  13. The tread painting is amazing. Especially the face is so good!!!

  14. Beautifully and meticulously thread painted. Amazing Paola!

  15. studiociboulette

    Beautifully thread painted. Incredible piece.Bravo.

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