Helen Hazon- Ripples

Texture in this piece is provided by the fabric and the stitching. I tray-dyed a large piece of fabric and selected this section for its patterns and colour combinations. These suggested “water” so I decided to quilt lots of ripples. I’m particularly fond of using stitch to make patterns and textures on the surface of fabric. My ripples were machine stitched using a twin needle and several variegated threads in the blue / green / yellow range. I considered adding hand stitching but decided against it as I liked the simplicity of the original design.

Helen Hazon


  1. Helen, love your quilt. It looks just like raindrops dropping onto a pond.

  2. Helen, your choice is excellent and you have captured the ripples, just like I would imagine them to be. When I saw the blue I knew it was your quilt. Well done, PS I love the twin needle work.

  3. Sometimes of an evening, a walk by a local slough (pond) will find wee insects on the surface, sending out ripples just like this! Your quilting, with the twin needles, is so very skilled!

  4. Helen, I think this is my favourite of this theme. Those ripples give the piece so much texture, well done. Diana

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