Kaylene Maalste – Monoprint – At the Water’s Edge

At the water's edge

Every day I see rushes at the water’s edge so I chose this as my subject for the monoprinting challenge.

Materials: Hand-dyed fabric and black fabric paint.

Technique: I brayered paint onto an old glass shelf then placed the fabric down followed by the drawing I had made on paper, I traced the design with a spent biro and end of a paint brush, I then lifted the paper and continued with some free-hand marks. The design was then quilted. Through out the challenge I did a lot a backgrounds and have stitched into two of these and posted these on my blog.

Close up view:


  1. I am intrigued by the similarity between your rushes and my winter trees!

  2. The composition is simple but very effective ! I like the movement you gave to the stems.

  3. A really like this; simple but very effective.

  4. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    I like this one, it is substile and there is a reflection in the water. The background colour makes it look like a sunset.
    The one with the red stitches on your blog is amazing. Great work….

  5. I like the way that the marks you have made capture the mood and movement of the plants, and the quilting highlights the water. It is a peaceful and beautiful rendition

  6. I love the subtle drawing. It looks very graphic with lots of movement, Beautiful

  7. The drawing technique is very successful on top of the hand dyed fabric. The design reminds me of the grasses and plants growing beside lakes in cooler climates.

  8. Very atmospheric. I can almost hear the breeze rustling the grasses.

  9. I love the drawing. To me it looks like a burnd landscape with the fire in the background.

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