Els Mommers – Artist style #2


While studying Joan Miro’s work, I became intrigued by his Constellations series.

Due to the Spanish Civil war and WW II the artist and his family were without electricity for an extended period of time. This probably drew the attention of the artist to the nighttime constellations. Others argue that Miro probably was looking to escape Earth during this troubling times when so many lives were lost. His concentration on the sky at night and the planets and stars of the Universe helped him to avoid reflecting on the horrors of humanity.

He painted his windows blue and his ceiling full of stars and that was the beginning of the series of 23 Constellation paintings. Now that part of Europe is going through these dark times again, Miro’s constellations have been my inspiration to also take my mind of the terrible situation in that continent.

I painted a blue background and sewed thin black lines between which I fused symbols, including a moon, stars and eyes, so characteristic of Miro’s work.

Finally I sewed stars and as I can lose myself in our beautiful clear night sky, so I lost myself in sewing these stars. I ended up with 6 fused red and 42 stitched black  stars, not counting the quilted stars in the background.

The quilt is finished with a facing.


Detail view:

  1. Els, a beautiful interpretation of Miro, your design is full of energy and interest, I like your idea of dividing up the quilt. Bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    So easily identifiable as Miro’s style; a great choice of subject brilliantly executed. I love it.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    The quilting of the background and the applications or embroideries in colour give an interesting texture to the whole. I like the eye in the upper part, it makes me think of a line from a poem of Victor Hugo which deals with guilt “The eye was in the grave and was looking at Caën” meaning that our conscience flollows us everywhere. So much in agreement with the events of the time or those which we live …

  4. Maryte Collard

    I am looking at your sky and your sky is looking at me, Els. So much going on here and so much movement. I admire your creativity once again. My BRAVO goes to you…

  5. studiociboulette

    This is a lovely Miro piece, and your stitching is incredible of course. Bravo!

  6. Miro’s style is immediately recognized. You used beautiful colors and the stitching is great. The overall composition is very pleasing to the eye (literally!). Just love it.

  7. The color is great, glowing and well expresses the objects inside.

  8. joanbrailsford

    I love this interpretation of the night sky, and it is something in which I find something new each time I look. I could happily have this on my living room wall. Truly beautiful

  9. What an explosion of colours and shapes! Your design is well thought out and your stitching is, of course, beautiful.

  10. Amazing! A very well balanced composition and beautifully executed. I’m with Joan, it would look amazing on my living room wall too. Love it!

  11. Immediately recognizable as being influenced by Miro, your artwork is stunning. There is so much to study, I am particularly drawn to the upper third with the moon and the eye. This is captivating.

  12. There is so much going on in your quilt; I can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful!

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