Maryte Collard – S

Inspiration: Originally I wasn’t very fond of making letter quilts but after researching history of letters, and taking a classical calligraphy class last November I found it inspiring.

After the calligraphy class I knew I would use an actual letter for each of 2020 challenge quilt. I didn’t want to go the classical way of calligraphy though. My favorite quilt-making technique is machine piecing,  and I had to find my way  using it for making letter quilts. They all will be made in the same style and using some of same design elements, but there will be differences as well.

For letter S I pieced two sides of the background using some of my hand dyed fabrics in pastel colors. Then I pieced in the letter S itself. I densely machine quilted the background mostly echoing piecing lines and hand stitched the letter. The quilt is faced.



Detail views:

R0041567  R0041564

  1. Textile calligraphy, great idea! And I love all the vivid colours in it!

  2. Great quilting and dying work that completes well your choice of the theme.

  3. I love the way that you have managed to incorporate your ‘S’ into you usual style of work. As always your choice of colours is brilliant and the hand quilting is a great addition. Great piece.

  4. The piecing is what makes the letter S pop, well done.


    Delicate colours and contrast between the pieced background and the round shaped S makes an interesting composition. I like how you managed to keep your style from one piece to the other.

  6. It is immediately recognized as your style. Love your colors, piecing and especially the way how you managed to incorporate the letter S. Looking forward to your next letters.

  7. I love the colours and rhythms in your quilt. You have created a very inetersting background to the letter with the dense machine quilting which is wonderful. Very well done

  8. studiociboulette

    I love your fabric choices and stitching. It is a very interesting quilt. Beautifully detailed.

  9. Lovely quilt and technique. Like the idea of going on this way in your series, with little differences… nice colors too.

  10. Your hand stitching is wonderful and adds so much visual texture to your quilt. Good use of color.

  11. Lovely colours, great piecing and precise quilting. Excellent.

  12. I love your background, really beautiful! Like a modern quilt. This would be great as a big quilt as well. Nice how you added the S.

  13. A beautifully well balanced quilt with a linear pieced background and quilting makes the curviness and hand quilting of the S pop. Love the colors and texture!

  14. Like to meet you again. Not real good on this site. I’m trying. God bless you

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