Sonia Ruiz – M

Letter M for Motherhood

Inspiration: Coatlicue (Nahuatl: “Serpent Skirt”)Aztec earth goddess, symbol of the earth as both creator and destroyer, mother of the gods and mortals.

I have chosen a photo of my daughter from her pregnancy photo shoot to represent the earth goddess. I layered her image with organza to make the image more ethereal.  I also added glitter cut out designs of polyester organza to represent rays of light.  I continued the yarn confetti technique in the jungle, added black tulle on the lower part of the pyramid to create a shadow.  The letter “M” shaped serpent is a styled heart.

She is my Aztec princess and I am blessed to be able to be with her during this special time.

Detail views:


  1. I am impressed about how you have managed to keep going with limited supplies! This is a great addition to your series of letters, it is wonderful how you have managed to weave your daughter into the story.

  2. After the lovely tribute to your father, you add more family love to your series with your daughter’s motherhood. I like the idea of the letter M in the shape of a heart, and the rays of light that connect sky and earth.

  3. So many things to look at in this piece ! It shows once again how family is important for you ! After your father, it is a nice tribute to your daughter !!!

  4. A great tribute to your daughter, so cleverly woven into the subject of your quilt. The heart shape of the letter M seamlessly connects to the love of your daughter. Lovely!

  5. Love the creative combination of many elements to capture the complex nature of motherhood. Well done!

  6. Again a wonderful Aztec piece with your pregnant daughter as a highlight. I so admire how you can make such beautiful work with limited supplies. This will be a beautiful remembrance of a very special time.

  7. A great addition to your series, and as always the serpent letter is very effective. I love the picture, and the embellishments give a great addition of texture. Another lovely family piece

  8. studiociboulette

    I love you creativity and the way you express it. Beautiful quilt that tells a story through images, composition and colors. Beautiful!

  9. Little supplies, but great outcomes. Again a great quilt Sonia, with a story, well done!

  10. A lovely tribute to your daughter. I particularly like the way your serpent is curled into a heart shaped M.

  11. Lovely continuation of your series. I also love how you honor the past of your country and how you are able to build bridges between the past and the present.

  12. Such a symbolic quilt. It’s amazing how you create such a stunning quilt with the limited supplies.

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