Greetje Hein – Country – Flora/Fauna

Flora and fauna

During our holiday in Iceland I took a lot of pictures of the beautiful nature. I love lupines and saw big fields with this lovely blue flowers. We also went on a trip to see puffins. We could see this colorful birds from a very short distance. When I think about Iceland I think of the sheep people use for wool.

For this quilt I used four of my own photo’s and printed them on canvas photo fabric. I cut out the parts of the flowers, sheep and puffins I wanted to use. What was left I cut in 1” strips of different lenghts. I fused steam-a-seam-light on an other piece of fabric. I placed the bigger parts on this fabric and created the background with the strips. I only used the four photo’s. I outlined the flowers, sheep and puffins and quilted the background in horizontal lines.

Original photos:

Detail view:

  1. Very effective way of merging your pictures for the essence of Iceland beautiful nature. Love the colour palette and the quilting lines bringing calmness to this landscape.

  2. Wow, love the use of the photos, this is stunning. Well Done

  3. A great collage of Icelandic wildlife, very effective. Well done!

  4. What a unique idea creating a collage with cut up fabric photos from your holiday to Iceland and rearranging them to create a new abstract design. Very clever, well done!

  5. Effective and successful use of your pictures to achieve a good representation of the nordic flora and fauna. Bravo.

  6. Iceland is one of the places I plan to visit one day. And your work gives me a sense of what awaits me there.
    I love the colours you used.

  7. studiociboulette

    I like the way to introduced the pictures and pieced your piece together. Beautiful details and colors. Bravo!

  8. Interesting how you created a background for this quilt. I think your quilt really reflects on the spirit of Iceland.

  9. I love the way your photos have been collaged together, and the background colours match them so perfectly. This is a very interesting and well thought out quilt and truly captures Iceland, Beautiful,

  10. Chantal Guillermet

    A very clever representation of the Icelandic atmosphere.
    I like the composition with stripes and squares and the horizontal quilting.

  11. I really like the subtle colours of this quilt. A very clever way to represent the diversity of the flora and fauna of Iceland. You created a very nice depth by using the left over strips for the background. Well done.

  12. Your clever collaged background adds movement to your piece and the puffins are so cute! Job weel done.

  13. Beautiful! This really represents Iceland and is a clever and effective way to use your photos. The colours are gentle and the design is enhanced by your tidy quilting.

  14. A lovely way to remember what must have been a great holiday. Your collage is beautiful and surely represents the Icelandic flora and fauna very well. Very nice to use your pictures for this quilt.

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