Paola Zanda – Country – Artist

Inspired by Paul Klee. 29.12.1879 – 29.06. 1940

This Artist has a special bond with me: He has lived the last months of his life in my village, and he died in the clinic, just near my home, where I was born.
He is a naturalized Swiss German. In Bern, in 2005, the Zentrum Paul Klee was opened, a museum designed by the architect Renzo Piano, which houses more than 4000 his works.
His passion for colours, abstractionism, symbolism are elements that I appreciate and use in my work.
He has had different periods in his Art. I’ve chosen to mix two of his styles for my quilt. The background is one of his typical colours palette, and for the foreground, the signs and symbols he used.

I create the background with some commercial and my hand-dyed fabrics. The symbols are appliqué. The lines designed are hand quilted and the quilting by machine.


  1. Wonderful, love the colours and design. I also like Klee’s work.

  2. Love Paul Klee and your perfect capture of his recognizable style, great job!

  3. carolinehiggs

    The style of work is easily recognisable and I like the way that you have chosen an artist whose style suits yours and who has a tie with your locality. Lovely work, well done.

  4. How nice that you have chosen an artist who lived in your village and you had bonded with, and so famous! The combination of his styles and yours work quite well together. Lovely design and interpretation.

  5. I love Paul Klee and especially his Tunisian period.
    You managed to create from his work a piece in harmony with your style ! Bravo !

  6. A lovely combinations of two of his periods. Great to honor your “neighbor” this way.

  7. A lovely combinations of two of his periods. Great to honor your “neighbour” this way.

  8. I really like Paul Klee. A unique artist. I loved your translation his way to yours and definitely love the colors you use.

  9. The way you have combined 2 styles from one artist is clever and effective. the background colours are so cheerful.and set off the symbols perfectly.

  10. Maryte Collard

    What can I add to the previous comments? Everything is perfect in your piece from colors to symbols, to black hand stitching lines.

  11. I was so excited to see that you selected Klee as your artist. I have admired his work for many years; my husband and I were fortunate to see a small selection of his work while traveling last year. When I first saw your piece, I figured it had to be Klee as his work is so recognizable. All this to say that I love your interpretation!

  12. Quite daunting to take on Paul Klee but you succeeded very well. Understandable choice seeing that he lived in your village. Lovely colouring and the symbols are very recognisable.
    Well done!

  13. joanbrailsford

    A very interesting representation of the work of Klee. I love the abstract style of his painting and the way you have built up the ‘picture’ is so well done. I like the background colours and the symbols almost seem like a hidden message. Well done

  14. I didn’t know one of my favorite artists has lived so close to your home. What a wonderful combination of his two styles. Colors and design are awesome as always. Bravo.

  15. studiociboulette

    Klee is one of my favorites and your interpretation into textile is wonderful. Beautiful. Bravo

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