Kaylene Maalste – Country – Flora/Fauna

My inspiration came from my garden and native reserve where Australian Flora is represented. I then chose Fauna that would live or visit the native trees and flowers

In my quilt are appliqued butterflies and beetles, plus a white cockatiel and a sugar glider (a gliding possum). The background material was designed by Robyn Hammond and features native flowers of Australia. The cockatiel and sugar glider were separately embroidered on white damask, the silk beetles and butterflies were appliqued directly onto the fabric. The background material was hand quilted/embroidered.

Detail views:

  1. I love this Kaylene, so bright, colourful and full of life. Great choice of fabric and I love the way that you have added ‘extras’ and high lighted the plants with your stitching, fantastic!

  2. I love this explosion of colours and the variety of details. Chapeau!

  3. Colorful work full of details and full of life. Perfect performance.

  4. The colorful background is perfect for all your beautiful appliqués and intricate stitching. Amazing end to your series, well done!

  5. So much is going on in so little space. I love how you managed to put flora and fauna together. It is also perfectly stitched. All I can say Bravo!

  6. studiociboulette

    So gorgeous, with all the vibrant colors and variety of fauna and flora. Makes me want to be in your garden. Beautiful attention to details and embroidery. Bravo!

  7. such a stunning work of art, so vibrant and full of life. Great use of color and contrast.

  8. What a rich display. I have not been to Australia, it looks like a beautiful, colorful fairyland.

  9. Chantal Guillermet

    This piece is just stunning Kaylene ! the vibrant colours, the details given by your hand stitches, everything is perfect ! Bravo !

  10. Such a lot of detail in this piece that I see new elements each time I look. It forms a beautiful picture of your native flora and fauna. Well done

  11. Wow! so colourful. I love the detail in the stitching on the cockatiel and little possum. Well done.

  12. Adore this riot of color, it is a glorious background for your Australian fauna. The animals are beautifully detailed. A stunning quilt.

  13. Wauw, Kaylene, such a colorful quilt! Beautiful stitching and nice embroidered details. Bravo.

  14. What an explosion of color. I really love how you integrated all the animals in this beautiful background. Awesome.

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