Chantal Guillermet – Water : By the riverside

When we live in a country where water is abundant we don’t always realize it can be different in other places and we take it for granted. Travelling in India made me aware of how, a single pot of water could be important ! I have chosen to represent shortage of water.

In  Indian countryside these round pots are used to carry water. I have used one of my pictures where a pot was left empty  in a garden surrounded by a handmade wooden fence.

Material  – Fabrics : hand dyed cotton, silk, tulle; a selection of yarn, stitch and tear, ochers pigments, clear binder, acrylic paint. Rayone thread and wool yarn, hand dyed thread.

I have used stripped piecing for the water section, with layers of tulle on the top. For the background cotton muslin and silk chiffon are layered on the top of eachothers; to reproduce the wooden fence different yarns are appliquéd with a zigzag stitch. To make it easier I have used stitch and tear on the back.

The shape of the pot is fused on the top of the composition, free motion quilted and painted with ochres pigments and white acrylic paint.

I have used both hand and free motion quilting.

The quilt is faced.

Close up View:



  1. Chantal not only a memory of India, but a depiction of how people cope with the shortage and storage of water. Love the treatment of the pot. Bravo

  2. What a nice way to approach the theme. You made a very thoughtful and beautiful piece, with many techniques and details. I love the colours and the composition.

  3. I love the deceptive simplicity of this piece and your usual attention to detail. Great!

  4. I like how you did the wooden fence with different wool yarns. Great effect of the tulle on the water. Nice composition, Chantal.

  5. I like very much your work, composition, colors, and details are perfects. The idea of the abundance non-abundance of water is an important message.

  6. I love your pottery in this and in all your work. Very nice composition. Great depth and shadow for the pot.

  7. Beautifully done — especially the details on the pot!

  8. Beautiful work! I like the colors you use in this quilt.

  9. Beautiful quilt. I love the texture you give the wooden fence with the yarn. Awesome!

  10. The details, textures, techniques and interpretation of the theme are all well done.

  11. I love the way you have depicted each aspect of this piece and given all the elements their own texture. The pot is especially accurately made. A lovely piece

  12. Wonderful interpretation of the theme. I love the color and the design of the pot. Beautiful piece.!

  13. I like the simplicity of the design and the range of techniques that you have used. The pot is beautiful.

  14. A lovely use of technique on the fence. The pot is super, we forget that in some countries you can’t just turn on a tap. Beautifully portrayed.

  15. Chantal, using your quilt to highlight that everyone doesn’t have access to water by using the pot is inspirational. I love the treatment of the fence too.

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