Caro Higgs – Seasons – Mellow Fruitfulness

Title inspired by W.B. Yeats’ line Autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness. I love the colours of autumn which for me are often accompanied by morning mists and sunny days. Sticking to my tree subject I wanted to work, in what is for me  a completely different way. I started by using pre-formed plastic shapes to piece the foreground with batik fabrics, this was because I was travelling and I needed work I could easily transport and work on anywhere! I then used some tray dyed Egyptian cotton which I printed. The whole piece is then hand embroidered to give texture and interest to the piece. It is an imaginary landscape incorporating the hard-wood forests of the mountains behind my house and my memories of the hills of the Scottish borders which turn from the purple of the heather to the most wonderful browns and oranges of the bracken and grasses. The sky has a dark and threatening feel and I left it without stitching because I felt there was already enough information. I have bound the base and three quarters of the sides in the same batik using up squares I had cut but the sky edge has just been faced.  A very labour intensive piece which suited travelling! The close up photo is not very flattering because apart from the embroidery it shows the tiny stitches where I pieced the batik…


Mellow fruitfulness

Close up view:

Mellow fruitfulness detail

  1. So much texture in this piece Caro, congratulations truly lovely.

  2. Just WOW. Love it. Such rich colors and beautiful embroidery.

  3. A very unusual composition…and I for one enjoyed seeing the details close up!

  4. joanbrailsford

    I like your repeating tree motif and the way you have arranged the colours and piecing adds further interest. Well done

  5. I like the different scale between the pieced foreground and the printed background.
    The golden colour is beautiful too

  6. Beautiful and a creative use of a traditional technique. Bravo

  7. This is really beautiful! Very nice colors and great embrodery. I over the repeat of the shapes.
    Interesting how you made a combination of bounded edges and a faces one.

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