Greetje Hein – Series #1 – Black and white – tulips

Series no 1: black and white

“Where are the colors”

Where I live is the biggest tulip area of The Netherlands. Every spring we are surrounded by hundreds of tulip fields. I am always impressed by the huge variety of colors. I want to make a series of quilts, inspired on tulips.

Our first challenge is in black and white, so no colors at all. I want to use only white fabric and add the black with different materials.

The leaves are painted with black textile paint on plain white cotton fabric. I doubled the fabric with cotton batting. I stitched the leaves with rayon thread and a walking foot.

To make the tulips I also used white fabric with batting. I stitched the tulips in three sizes. After stitching, I cut them out and added a little shade with a black paintstick. The tulips are attached to the background by hand, only at the bottom of the tulip to create a three dimensional flower.

There is a little free motion quilting of the background between the leaves.

The quilt is faced binded.



Black and white, tulips, white tulips, three dimensional, three dimensional flower,

paint sticks, painted background, textile paint, rayon thread, walking foot, free

motion,  faced binding, tulip fields in The Netherlands, quilt series


tulips B&W (2)


close up view

close up tulips B&W


  1. Bravo, not easy to take the colour out of the tulips and still have a pleasing design, but you have pulled this off with the contrast between the flowers and leaves. Bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    Very effective, a true black and white photo! Great use of paint to create the shading and difference between flowers and leaves.

  3. I really like the composition of your quilt ! and the 3D effect of the flowers is a very good idea.

  4. Really lovely tulip quilt. You made good use of negative space between the tulips and got a very nice composition. I like how you only partly painted the leaves. Beautiful effect.

  5. Nice three dimensional work. Bravo!

  6. The way that you have painted the details has worked really well, and is really great. I love the 3 dimensional effect that you have achieved with the tulip flowers. A beautiful piece, well done.

  7. Cool effect. Very nice composition.

  8. Excellent idea to work with painting and three-dimensional to give depth and movement. Brava!

  9. Really like the way you created different shades of black with the black paint and paint stick.
    Lovely 3 D composition Greetje.

  10. Two weeks ago I went to the Flevopolder to see the tulip fields. Your quilt reflects them beautifully. You did a great job with shading the white fabric and make such nice threedimensional tulips. Nice and interesting piece Greetje

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