Els Mommers – C


Inspiration:  The beautiful fishes and corals that are living  under the surface of the tropical seas. The clownfish, for children better known as Nemo, is one of these colourful creatures that lives in tropical waters.

For this series I have used the same hand-painted blue background for the sea and hand-dyed yellow for the bottom.  Coral is made in the same way as for the other pieces.  The fishes are painted on white cotton prepared with gesso.  They were cut out, bonded  and machine appliqued to the background.

The sea is quilted with a bubble motif and some painted tree bark pieces are stitched on top to create some depth.

The whole process can be seen on my blog: http://kunamola.blogspot.com

Detail views: 

  1. carolinehiggs

    What a wonderfully vibrant piece, Love your attention to detail as always. great work!

  2. Striking colours and detailed representation of marine life ! your beautiful series makes us discover species of sea fauna ! bravo !

  3. The colourfulness of this quilt is so striking, the fish so vibrant and the background so expertly quilted! A joy to look at. We have nemos in our waters too, they are gorgeous.

  4. Again a very colorful piece. The clownfish are so beautiful. As usual you made a very nice background with a lot of details.
    This week I watched something on tv about the clownfish and I learned they can have a gender change.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Such a cheerful and beautiful piece. I am loving your undersea series that is always a colourful addtition to our challenges. The attention to detail and the stitching is, as always, a joy. Thank you and well done

  6. Maryte Collard

    It looks so real it sure has depth. You are a true master, Els. Love the bubbles!

  7. Beautiful vibrant and a wonderful depiction of the fish in their habitat.

  8. Love your underwater kingdom, Els!

  9. Love the clownfisch, it has such bright colors and you catched them perfectly. And ofcourse the underwater world in all your beautiful techniques. Another great piece in your series!

  10. Lovely, bright colours, especially for the fish. They look so cheery. The detailed quilting adds so much to the total effect.

  11. Clownfish are always fun to portray, and you have done a wonderful job. I have always found the combination of the complementary colors of orange and blue to be visually exciting as they are here. Bubble-quilting is tons of fun, and you have made good use of it.

  12. Love all the texture and the beautiful, cheerful colors. Makes me smile Els! As always well done!

  13. studiociboulette

    As always your piece is so beautiful and full of details. I would love to go snorkeling in your island waters. Beautiful.

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