Eke Krug – Series – Song about a rose – Complementary

This is the third piece in a series of three, the first one was Black and White, the second Abstract and this third one is Complementary. My subject is a rose, the colours green and red in a wide range.

To reach the same results and size of the rose, I copied my first piece, by laying a piece of architectural paper on top of it and following, as good as possible, the big black lines in it. Now that I have my pattern ready, I have to decide in which way to start. The green outside I want to create, can wait till the end of the process. First of all I have to make the rose, in the same position as in the first quilt. It stands a little out of the center of the quilt, to the top of it.  This is due to a wrong cutout I made in my first quilt, using my brand new inches ruler. It seems best to start with the outer petals of the rose, I write numbers on the pieces and signs on the borderlines, so that it is easy to put the fabrics in the right place.

The second quilt of the series got it’s colours with organza fabric, which I planed to use in this one also. But soon I realized I didn’t have enough differences in colour to reach my goal. So other fabric slipped in, hand-dyed silk and cotton and some commercial fabric too, and for the greens I used no organza at all.

After that all the pieces, red and green, were in place, I start thread-sketching with black thread,  to get the same impression as the first quilt in black and white. And the rest of the piece was free quilted, in colour, ending with black.


Handdyed cottons and silk,  commercial cotton, synthetic organza,  batting, all kinds of machine threads, vliesofix


Patternmaking, threadsketching, free motion quilting

The whole process of making is to see on Kleurdesign

song about a rose 3



Other pieces in the series:


  1. I really love this beautiful piece and series. The way the thread painting blends and modifies the mottled fabric is especially wonderful.

  2. Yet another stunning rose, I really admire your stitch work it is wonderful. I love the whole series, well done!

  3. joanbrailsford

    This is a stunning piece that I absolutely love. The way you have built up each element is beautiful as is the stitching. A totally wonderful series

  4. It is such a good idea to copy your first design : the comparison with this one and the black and white one is very interesting. Your stitching is beautiful and really brings the rose to life !

  5. A wonderful piece. The color, the stitching and the composition are complete! Very lovely.

  6. I am truly in love with your rose. Your technique is superb. Wonderful series.

  7. I read the process on your blog. The use of the colors and the thread sketching are very well done. A great series!

  8. Only one word can describe your series: gorgeous! I love it. Congratulations.

  9. studiociboulette

    Your thread painting is incredible. Absolutely is in love with this series…

  10. English quilter

    The blending of the fabric colours to create different shades is very effective. The threadwork in black really makes the flower “pop” and the quality of the stitches is outstanding. The bold scale of the flower is very effective.

  11. Love everything about your series. Truly stunning Eke!

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