Kathryn Hickling – Monochromatic

I found this an interesting and at times a difficult challenge with a restricted palette of one colour. As I started to look at colours and all of the different tones and shades it made me realise that there was a wide range of colours/tones within a single colour.
I wanted to try using a Gelli printing plate for this particular project I used fabric paint spread across the plate using a brayer and then I moved the paint around using a catalyst painting wedge and removed paint in places using bubble wrap and foam stamps. I then printed it onto plain white muslin cloth with Freezer paper ironed onto back to make it stiff enough to handle more like paper. I tried several different colours purples, blues and greens, and over printed as the plate was only 12″ x 14″. After they had dried, I chose the green as I liked the curves and flowers. I layered up with plain white fabric under the muslin  cloth and quilted using two different shades of green threads. I then added some additional stitching by hand and used a commercial khaki green fabric to bind the quilt.
  1. This piece is very serene — peace evoked by both colour and line.

  2. The variety that you have achieved with your monochromatic printing is lovely, both in terms of shape and value.

  3. Your monoprinting is beautiful, and very well balanced. Well done

  4. Love the way you have been using the gelliplate and the printing.

  5. What a lovely outcome from your experiments with your gelli plate.

  6. A girl after my own heart, I love gelli plates and never use them enough, the colour is soft and subtle, well done.

  7. This is great use of printing, I love the movement that you have created by moving the plate around.

  8. Very nice printing by moving the gelli plate. Lovely green color.

  9. I’ve never used gelli plate printing, and it sounds quite complicated, but the results are great and definitely justify the trouble you have gone to. Well done

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