Paola Zanda – Blooming

Flowers Vortex

I like working in series, but the diversity of the selected themes did not allow me to find a common thread that would unite them all. It will, therefore, be a technique that will appear in all the six quilts. I chose screen printing, a technique that I have not practiced for years since I started my personal journey on the barks. The inspiration of blooming comes from a flower that this last spring began to grow spontaneously in our garden. It has a round corolla and simple petals. A strong wind blew in the course of maximum blossoming. Everything seemed to turn. From here the processing of my quilt started. On a satin cotton base dyed with pink Procion MX, I thickened the color and with the silk screen printed the purple circles. Then, with the thickened but lighter color, I stamped the light flowers with a stamp. To give depth I then prepared some flowers, using the frottage technique with Shiva paintstik, which I applied with the machine quilting the three layers.

Used material:

  • satin cotton
  • Procion MX and thickener
  • Shiva paintstik
  • Cotton thread
  • Thermofax screen
  • Stamp pad
  • wadding
Total View
Total View
  1. What an array of blooms – they are circulating in my eyes, love this movement!

  2. Well done! I am amazed with your complicated technique (that’s how I see it 🙂 and the result you achieved. Love the color.

  3. I love how you used different techniques. The bigger, darker circles work very well in the background.

  4. You monochromatic color pallete is quite effective, and I appreciate the explanation of your process. The textures created with the varied quilting motifs is helpful in demonstrating depth. Great job!

  5. It is so different from your previous ones Paola ! but I love it, it really looks like a big bunch of flowers !

  6. You have managed to create real depth and movement to your piece, by building up the design using the different techniques and stitching. You have achieved a wonderful breath of spring flowers and colours. well done

  7. Lovely work! I really like the colour palette that you have used, for me there is a real feel of the sixties (flower power) in your work. Great….

  8. Beautiful flowers and I like the purple circles behind them.

  9. Beautiful colors and flowers. Lovely piece!

  10. What a beautiful, blooming piece. Love the way you created it with the different printing and coloring techniques. You smell the flowers looking at it.

  11. Love the monochromatic flowers and the different techniques you have been using. It really resembles a beautiful blooming summer bouquet.

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