Gaye Alger – Monochromatic – View of an Omani Village

The inspiration for this piece was a photograph of a village in the mountains taken whilst sightseeing.

I chose to work with the colour blue because it’s a colour I normally avoid, preferring to work with turquoise. I used tints, tones and shades (not quite as dark as I had hoped) of hand dyed fabrics.

The appliques were stitched with free motion straight stitch and it was finished with free motion quilting.

View of an Omani villageGA


Close up View:


View of an Omani Village close upGA

  1. I love those trees, popping up against buildings and sky.

  2. it is fascinating to see a blue, monochromatic take on a landscape, as well as to get a taste of what Oman looks like. Turning everything blue makes one look at the shapes rather than the colours.

  3. there is something of a “Klee” watercolour in your quilt ! beautiful

  4. What a beautiful interpretation of the theme Gaye. I love the landscape in blue. So happy you’re “with us” again.

  5. Thank you everyone. It was something different for me. I’m going to try and create a small Omani series for this year. A new challenge.

  6. I love this quilt, finding it so interesting that you have produced a landscape in shades of one colour, a very interesting idea. I think I may try this myself.

  7. Gaye your quilting is always a delight and the way you have used it brings the mountains into focus and as already mentioned the way you have used the blue shapes is also a credit to your talents as an artist. Do we have a series in the making?

  8. I can just see the landscapes of Oman, a wonderful way of interpreting them, great use of colour and stitch.

  9. It si so nice how you used simpel shapes to create a village. I love your background quilting!

  10. What a surprising and successful use of colour to produce a landscape. I think that this is very innovative and well constructed

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