Greetje Hein – Monochromatic – Upside-Down

After a very busy period everything was calm, relaxed and in control. Then I received an email: Will you join FifteenbyFifteen?

A weekend of complete chaos in my head: can I..? should I…? do I have enough time..? am I good enough..? All those thoughts curled around in my head and it felt like everything was upside-down compared to the week before.

After I made my decision and said “Yes” it became more quiet in my head.

So, monogromatic is about the period around that weekend. Making it not too difficult for myself I choose my favorite color bleu. I used hand dyed and commercial fabric. The piecing and quilting is done by machine. The curly strips are made of double fabric with fusible web.



Close up View:

Greetje 2

  1. Stunning! Truly lovely…all that textural interest, and the movement of the eye around the piece…Thank you!

  2. I’m glad you said yes to join us, Greetje ! your quilt is very nice and I like the upside down piece !

  3. A beautiful piece Greetje and as Chantal said: we’re happy you joined us. I love your explanation in the statement.

  4. Love your quilt, Greetje!

  5. A super piece, so lively. So glad you joined us.

  6. What a great way to show of the different techniques and your thoughts, well done it is very tactile and the insert is a great entry point for the eye. Cheers

  7. I love this, there is such movement created by the change of materials, and the way in which they are placed as well as the different quilting techniques. A great ‘first piece’!!

  8. Your piece is stunning, and you have added such a lot of interest and movement by your use of piecing and embellishments. Well done, and I’m glad you decided to join us

  9. Well if this is the result of chaos in your head it was well worth it. Great contrast withf the straight piecing in the background and the use of angles for the smaller piece. I love all the blues and the lovely machine quilting certainly adds magic to the piece. Welcome to our group.

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