Paramjeet Bawa – Confetti Garden

I had been thinking of making a confetti quilt since long for the simple reason that I had a whole lot of scraps that had been given to me by friends because I am an Art quilter (the box that I am  happily in) .

This is the second ever confetti quilt I have made, but yes there is nothing easier than this, it is just the chopping part which is labor intensive. You lay down your scraps and cover with tulle and quilt embroider and the magic just happens.

I have been in the middle east for last 13 years and I crave greenery, the jungles the woods and the wildflowers, which I get to see on my travels.

This quilt is not from my photograph, I did take a random picture from internet for my inspiration, which I played with on photo editor chose a pleasant colour outlay and followed the design.

It was very satisfying… is my Garden now ….and it took only two days to grow.



  1. Paramjeet, I just feel like I am walking through the forest/garden, the colours are so vibrant and I love your technique. Bravo

  2. This is such a beautiful quilt Paramjeet. We have a native creaper which grows wild through the forests in spring and is the same colours as are in your quilt, this reminds me of spring although we have only just arrived in winter here. Diana

  3. Hi Paramjeet, ur quilts are so beautiful. Fascinating technique. Do u conduct workshops & where? I am based in Dubai & would b totally interested in attending one, should u b conducting any time here

  4. What a beautiful piece of art and how lucidly explained. You make this huge skill seem so easy…. Kudos to you my friend.

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