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Lady’s Journal

“The mouse gazes at you in ecstasy the spider does not dare to descend another millimeter on the earth the coffee is a blue spectrum on the burner ready to disappear forever

oh yes my dear it is seven in the morning get up girl pick up your hair in the photograph discover your forehead your smile smile next to the child who looks like you

oh yes you do as you can and you are identical to the happiness that never grows old

stay still there in that paradise next to the child who looks like you it is seven in the morning it is the perfect time to start dreaming the coffee will be eternal and the eternal sun if you do not move

if you don’t wake up if you don’t turn the page in your little kitchen in front of the window.”

Blanca Varela, Peruvian poet August 10, 1926 – March 12, 2009

Her poems are surrealist in the way that they try to express the world in an innocent way from the inner space’s point of view, yet they cannot prevent cruelty from coming into them from the outside world.

The detail photos include some of the imagery from Varela’s poem – the mouse, coffee pot, spider and time of day.


Detail views:


  1. Delightful, beautiful applique and quilting. A very interesting writer and poem.

  2. What a beautiful scene and the poem! So very close to my kitchen heart 🙂 Love the colors too!

  3. A great visual of the poem with great attention to detail. Well done.

  4. Very nice interpretation of an interesting poem. Love all the little details and the view through the kitchen window.

  5. I like that the text of the poem is halfway between poetry and prose as well as its naive side. I didn’t know this author.
    In your piece you have highlighted all the important points of the poem. The little mouse is so cute !

  6. An interesting illustration of the poem. I love all the details, especially the mouse and spioder.

  7. Beautiful poem and the mood of it well captured in the quilt. From all the details, the mouse is my favorite, it makes your quilt alive. Bravo!

  8. Through your composition and attention to detail, you have captured the innocent feel of the poem and simple everyday early morning quietness. Well done.

  9. Interesting work. I like the small details ..beautiful poam.

  10. This is a nice interpretation of the poem. I love all the details you brought together in your work.

  11. What an interesting and thought-provoking poem. I love the that works way that you have incoporated all the elements of it into the design to create a wonderfully detailed kitchen, Lovely stitching, well done

  12. studiociboulette

    Nice interpretation of the poem.

  13. Very nice and detailed way to illustrate this poem of an author I hadn’t heard of. Mouse and spider are my favourites in this kitchen!

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