Nicole Reynolds – Monoprint – The Salmon Run

This is my first quilt for the group and quite a challenge! I have monoprinted onto paper before, but have little experience of printing onto fabric in this way. None of the designs from my design stash seemed to lend themselves particularly well to this technique so, I confess, I did end up making the technique do what I wanted. Had I a free reign I would probably have used a stencilling technique to create the fish, however, the results would have been more predictable. Experimenting with the monoprinting technique has given me an unplanned result with which I am quite pleased.

I used a piece of acrylic as a printing plate. I didn’t buy any new textile paints, just used up the ones with a creamy texture that I already had. I fixed two pieces of white fabric to either side of the printing plate with masking tape. A picture of my fish was placed under the plate. I put the paint onto the plate over the fish shape and took a print on one piece of fabric and a second, ghost print on the other piece of fabric. I used textured plastic pressed over the fabric to try and get a scaly texture. I did this twice with two colours. The darker pink fish is the print and the yellow one is the ghost. The fish where cut out and appliquéd onto a background of shibori fabric that I made a few years ago. Wavy lines were embroidered onto the background before appliquéing. Decorative stitch was embroidered onto the fish after appliquéing. The border is overstitched rather than bound as that is my preference for these small quilts.

post whole quilt

Reverse Side:

post reverse quilt

Close up View:

post closeup 1

  1. From first glance I thought you’d mono-printed the water! Your fish are delightful and the quilting accents are just right!

  2. Just love your fish. My star sign is Pisces.A great technique for getting the scaly effect

  3. I love your fishes, they look full of life !
    The scaly effect on the fabric you used for their body is a great idea.

  4. A really lovely piece depicting a magical event! I like the way that you have used the ghost print as well; the machine stitching is so neat and tidy and really adds to the piece.


    Very fine works, great prints for the fishes, looks very naturel- I also thought you monoprinted your background, but the shibori matches very well with your fishes. A great entry for your first quilt in the group.

  6. I love your fish. Fine and active.
    Backside is also lovely.

  7. A really accomplished piece, you would think that you had been monoprinting for years! I like the way that you have used the ghost print for the second fish. Your quilting gives real movement and life to the piece, and the back is very impressive.

  8. Beautiful shibori background and lovely fish. You really got the scaly effect very well printed and the quilting enhanced it.

  9. Superb design and execution, the ghost print is a wonderful bonus and the back is delightful as the front. Bravo

  10. The fish are beautiful and the quilted “scales” are great. I think I prefer the reverse side.

  11. Your fish are like real. I like the way you used both prints. The background makes it complete. The quilting really adds something.

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