Els Mommers – Water – Raindrops

Now that we are unexpectedly in the Netherlands for so long, I realize how wet autumn can be. I have not seen so much water coming from above for a long time. So for me the theme Water is, at the moment, associated with raindrops that cover the beautiful coloured autumn leaves.

A friend was kind enough to lend me paint sticks and I recently got some small hand-dyed pieces of fabric from her. An old green pillowcase also worked well. Even the background fabric is a gift as is the metallic quilting thread.
For the leaves I cut several paper templates and stamped them with brush and paintstick on the hand-dyed cloth. I have practiced endlessly, with the help of You Tube films, to get a three dimensional effect for the raindrops.

Material: Markal paintsticks, pastels, paper for templates, hand-dyed cloth, green pillowcase, vliesofix, black permanent marker, wonderfill rayon thread, dmc diamant metallic thread, white acrylic paint, some gold flakes.

Technique: cutting templates, stencilling with paintsticks, drawing with pastels, quilting leaves, meandering background, goldflakes glued on with mod podge, attaching binding.

The whole process can be seen on my blog: http://kunamolablogspot.com


Detail 1:


Detail 2:


Detail 3:DSCN3398

  1. Els, bravo a stunning quilt. Your techniques bear witness to your talents as a textile artist.

  2. This is just beautiful Els. The raindrops are so real, they look like glass-pearls that you put on top of your work. All the techniques you used are very effective, my compliments on this piece of work.

  3. Els, this is stunning the endless practicing of the raindrops has paid off! This is a lovely piece of work. You have really proved the saying ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going”!

  4. Such a nice piece Els ! I love your rain drops and have to check your blog !

  5. Gorgeous! It’s amazing how you managed to create such a real scene. It looks like the drops of water come out of your work. I also really like the choice of colors of the leaves.

  6. The drops of water are amazing. I am going to check your blog! Lovely piece!

  7. Els, this is absolutely amazing! Raindrops on maple leaves…so dear to my heart as a Canadian, and so beautifully done!

  8. Els, this is amazing! I love the raindrops and it just look so real! Great job!

  9. studiociboulette

    I am fascinated by your water drops. Excellent!

  10. I know how you struggled with the raindrops, but the result is stunning. Creating such a quilt without your own materials is so great. In real it is even better!

  11. Loved all the techniques you used Els, especially the colors and the rain drops. Beautifully done.

  12. The colours in your leaves are lovely and the stitching really defines the outlines and leaf layers beautifully. Of course, the water drops are stunning and the technique you have used to create these is awesome.

  13. Beautiful. I am amazed that you have made this under such difficult circumstances. I too am intrigued by the water droplets.

  14. Els the rain drops are so effective they really look dimensional. Love the leaves they have great texture.

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