Chantal Guillermet – Photoshoot

The Shelf

Inspiration : Bright coloured potteries at La Bisbal d’Empordà (Spain). I have tried to captured the light on the pots and the contrast with the dark background using paint and tulle on hand dyed fabrics.

Every year in September we like to go to Spain. Close to where we are staying there is a small city known for its pottery manufactures : La Bisbal d’Emporda. I love ceramics and I don’t need more at home but … I never miss a visit to La Bisbal : it is a great place to take pictures into the numerous shops where ceramics are displayed. It is a feast of colours and shapes.

On this picture I like the reflections of light on the shiny pots and the contrast with the dark background. For the pots I used painted fabrics and embellished their surfaces with inktense pencils or stencilling (the bowls). The shelf, its uprights and the different pots are fused on the background; I used thread painting with black thread to make them stand out. Shadows on the shelf (inktense pencil) and reflections on the pots (shimmering white paint) were added at the end.

Background : I used black tulle for the shadow on the wall and quilted on the layer of tulle. To add a personnal touch I introduced stripes into the quilted surface using different widths and threads : metallic silver and black thread and smoked monofilament.

The quilt is faced.

Detail views:


  1. As a lover of pottery, I really appreciate how you feel — and thank you for expressing so well in textiles what you were able to photograph!

  2. Chantal a beautiful replication of your photograph, especially the reflections on the pots, the quilting variation adds to the feel of the wall in the background. Cheers

  3. Your pottery looks like posing on the stage for a perfect photoshoot, great job! And beautiful colours 🙂

  4. Maryte Collard

    As always, Chantal, you did a wonderful job. Your pottery shines in your quilt.

  5. Wonderful jugs and great choice of colours, you have caught the light shining on them very nicely.

  6. joanbrailsford

    A lovely representation of these pots and your attention to detail is superb. I love the way that you have added texture to the background too

  7. Clever use of techniques to show the shiny surface of the pots and the shadows on the wall.

  8. I particularly like the contrast between the terracotta pots and the one blue. The stencilled bowls are charming too. The different quilted stripes in the background add a nice texture.
    Again a true Chantal piece. Bravo.

  9. You catched the light on the pottery. Great use of the tulle for the shady background. Goo choise of the colors. I like the stenciled bowls.

  10. Lovely Chantal, the pottery is beautiful and the way you made the shelf and its hanging system is incredible. Both the choice of your fabric and the way you put it together are great.

  11. Ceramics have a strong appeal, the variety of colors and shapes is impressive. Even in the Camargue, we have the opportunity to enjoy these creations and there are many that have come home as good memories of our stays. Chantal, you have succeeded splendidly and perfectly in recreating the atmosphere and the subject of the photo in your work. The processing of the background is wonderful and manages to create depth and contrast with ceramics. The print on the bowls was very successful, as always. Bravo!

  12. studiociboulette

    I love your interpretation of the theme and the pottery is beautiful. The shading with the tulle is very clever and adds a lot to the quilt. Beautiful!

  13. I like the way you have portrayed shadow and light in your composition.

  14. I can see your pots auditioned for this photoshoot. I knew it was your work — so clearly your voice. Nice shadowing and depth.

  15. Your interpretation of the theme is so true to your picture. You captured the light and the shadows perfectly with your techniques. Well done Chantal!

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