Helen Hazon – M

M for Meadow Saffron

Inspiration – The season has changed and this is reflected in my garden. There are fewer flowers now and much less bright colour. I have yellow Helianthus, pink Sedum, red/purple Fuchsias, blue Ceratostigma and there are also a few Summer flowers left – Zinnias, Echinacea and red Salvias.

The stars of the garden in August and September are the meadow saffron flowers. Their proper name is Colchicum autumnale but they are often called “naked ladies” because the flowers come in late Summer without the leaves, which don’t appear until the Spring. These are very delicate, dainty flowers with pale pinky lilac coloured heads held on thin, white stems. The anthers inside the flowers add tiny dots of bright orange. When the stigmas are mature they can be harvested as the saffron strands that we use in cooking for flavour and colour.

The background here is again a confetti mix of the colours in my garden this month, secured in place with nylon net and free machine quilting. The saffron flowers were assembled petal by petal before being placed on the background. I have used free motion stitching to create the anthers and stigmas, adding the detail of the bright orange anthers in each flower. This stitching also attaches the flowers to the quilt.

The quilt is made from cotton fabrics covered in nylon net. The quilting thread is cotton, the embroidery threads are rayon

Detail views:

  1. A great addition to your garden collection! The detail of your flowers is amazing and the stitching so neat they are stunning…

  2. I love your saffron flowers and how they stand out on the brown background ! this delicate purple is one of my favourite colour !
    Very nice piece .

  3. Another beautiful and informative piece to your garden series. Your flowers, stitching and techniques are so incredibly neat! Bravo!

  4. This is such a true to life rendition of the saffron flower. They look so real! Lovely stitching as well. Well done.

  5. The flowers themselves are lovely, but I’m really taken with the confetti background reflecting the riot of colour in your garden!

  6. Another meadow in this reveal and another, different take on the subject. Love the colours and the humble saffrons popping out!

  7. Your confetti technique is a great way to add continuity to your series and this is another lovely piece. As always your stitching is beautfully done and the colours are perfect. Well done

  8. I love your saffron flowers and the way you have meticulously stitched them with the anthers and stigmas. They really stand out against the colourful confetti background.

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful way to take me through your garden. Love all the details in your quilt. Bravo!

  10. Autumn in the garden, well shown in your quilt. Every season has its own look, you translate that in your quilt, beautiful done!

  11. They truly are not only the stars of your garden, but also the stars of your quilt. Their color is stunning. Flowers in your garden are beautiful.

  12. You really created the autumn atmosphere in your garden by using less colour. The saffron flowers are lovely.

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