Kaylene Maalste – Artist style #5

Inspiration for Quilt #5 was another woodcut print of Karl Marc featuring a deer in an abstract landscape.

I used a very pale blue batik fabric that had a very faint pattern. As with Quilt #4 I drew the design on the fabric and hand quilted all the different elements of the abstract landscape. my displeasure with this quilt is that is pale and I should have used a stronger green thread, but this was not apparent when I was doing the stitching.


  1. I really like this piece, the stitching is evocative to woodcut print. I agree that is is difficult to judge the density of a colour when stitching with it and I suspect that it merits being seen ‘in the flesh’.

  2. I like how you added color in your piece by just using colored thread.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Kaylene I can see at first glance that you know and love cats ! this one looks so calm and happy that we nearly hear it purring ! The soft colours around it suggest a cosy atmosphere ! I love it !

  4. studiociboulette

    My goodness, what beautiful stitching work. I love the way you introduce the colors. Gorgeous!

  5. Kaylene, your stitching is just incredible. With no bright colors your kitty looks so relaxed, I want to pet him. I love cats!

  6. I can see your disapointment but the final result is very interesting anyway. The pale tones worked very well!

  7. I love this cat! So calm and peaceful. The way you have created him with stitch only is so clever. The colours are subtle but this is what has created the gentleness of the design.

  8. I like the light shade and really appreciate the stitching you put in your quilt.

  9. Ah such gorgeous stitching! And such beautiful texture. The gentle thread colors somehow emphasize the soft fur of the cat. Well done!

  10. You are certainly a great hand-quilter! The choice of a colored thread was a wise decision and adds visual interest to your quilt.

  11. I think that the pale colours work very well and that you shouldn’t worry about the shades you have used. The hand stitching gives a lovely texture and movement to the work. Well done

  12. Your hand stitching is so precise and the colors are soft and quiet, as to not wake up your sweet little kitty. Another lovely interpretation and addition to your series. Well done!

  13. I am truly amazed how you captured Marc’s woodcut abstract shapes in subtle colours with your perfect hand embroidery. Bravo.

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