Caro Higgs – Country – Flora/Fauna

Morus Alba

The inspiration is from memories and a photo I took in north-western Pakistan

My chosen flora is the white mulberry tree whose fruit, while travelling in the area, was abundant whether being sold on the roadsides by shouting children or being harvested especially for us. The trees are large and the given method is to hold out a tarpaulin/shawl, whatever comes to hand, while somebody climbs in to the tree to shake it, which is what is happening in the photograph. In this case they were collecting fruit for us and it was daintily served on a stainless steel platter. The fruit is tasty but not something I would rush out to buy! It brings back happy memories although if I remember rightly it was a forerunner to the main meal, specially cooked for us, of goat curry, the odour of goat was stronger than that of the curry, the sauce was alright but I avoided the meat!

I have use a rust dyed fabric as the background, I wanted a slightly grubby dusty look to it. Then I stencilled big leaves and machine stitched them before adding smaller leaves which I hand stitched and finally the mulberries themselves. The colours are dull and dusty rather like the photograph and my memory. The Latin name of the tree is stitched along the bottom using chain-stitch which is typical to the area.

Detail view:

  1. What a happy memory, great interpretation with the fabrics and insert.

  2. You have well translated your mood and memories on your beautiful quilt.

  3. You managed to convey the colors and the feeling of the place.. Very delicate quilt.

  4. What a creative way of combining your memory of Pakistan, the mulberry tree and the photo. You have expressed the mood, feeling and taste of your experience. Lovely!

  5. studiociboulette

    It is stunning. I love the softness and delicateness you achieve with the pale colors and the attention to detail. Bravo!

  6. I appreciate the delicate quality of your quilt and the soothing color palette.

  7. Very interesting how you expanded the photo into the quilt. The berries look real!

  8. Such a peaceful colour palette and an effective use of the photo-transfer. I love the way you have added mulberry fruits and the rusty elements

  9. Chantal Guillermet

    I like the quiet mood of this piece ! the addition of the mulberries is delicate and they look so real.

  10. What a lovely representation of a special memory. Great use of techniques too.

  11. The image transfer is very effective to evoke your memories of the place and the action. Love the delicate colour palette and the stenciling of the leaves.

  12. I love the stamping and stitching of the leaves. So nice how you made the combination with the photo. A great idea to use small beads for the mulberries. Super!

  13. What a nice idea to extend the branches and the leaves from the photo. The hand embroidered and stencilled leaves complements each other in a great way. I love the little bead clusters for the mulberries. Well done.

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