Genevieve Guadalupe – Artist style #6

The union, in the style of Hilma af Klint.

For my last project I wanted to focus on Hilma’s spirituality and spiritism. Her work was inspired by her beliefs, nature and her spiritism seances. Union occupies the main presence in her paintings. Union of the feminine and masculine, not only between man and woman but also the duality inside of us as individuals, our masculine and feminine side, the blue and the yellow, the sun and the moon. That ever present union that connects us with the divine, the expansion of the self outwards, the transformation into Love.

Materials and technique: cotton fabric, cotton batting, poly thread, embroidery floss, printmaking ink. Monotype printed on cotton, machine quilted, hand embroidered.


  1. A very fitting last piece in your series. I love this interpretation, so simple but full of meaning. The contrast between the machine and hand stitch works really well.

  2. Excellent interpretation and realization of Hilma af Klint’s philosophy. Artist, I didn’t know and I hope to see her exhibition at the Tate Modern in London next year. Bravo, I love it!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Interesting explanations for this symbolic piece. It ends to your series perfectly.

  4. I think this last piece binds your entire series and makes it whole.

  5. A great interpretation using design, colour and stitch.

  6. Interesting explanations for this symbolic piece. The symmetrical work with equal color distribution and the hand and machine stitching really complement each other

  7. How fitting to complete your series with a symbolic piece representing the artist’s spirituality. A very harmonious piece! Beautiful hand and machine stitching.

  8. Very nice, full of spiritualism and meaning.

  9. A beautiful end to your series. It really present’s Hilma af Klint’s style and spiritualism. Very nice stitching and embroidery.

  10. You have captured the spirit of Hilma af Klint’s imagery and colors. It’s the perfect finale to your series. Beautiful colors, stitching and full of meaningful symbols. Love it!

  11. The colour scheme and beautiful stitching perfectly illustrate your commentary. A lovely finish to your series.

  12. joanbrailsford

    A very beautiful and fitting end to your series. I like the way that you have depicted harmony, and the colours are so peaceful. Well done

  13. Total harmony! Very nice colors and stitching.

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