Kaylene Maalste


Who am I – I am a widow who lives on Hindmarsh Island, South Australia, what are my interests – Hand embroidery, any form of textiles (Art quilts, paper making etc) and photography. Art Quilts have always fascinated me in the freedom of design and technique that can be used. In 2012 I created the Fifteen by Fifteen Quilt Group, I found this one of the biggest challenges I had undertaken, through this group (although members have changed) I have been inspired and formed friendships across the ocean. I took a break from the group and left it in the capable hands of Caro and Joan, and I am glad to be back and able to pursue my love of textiles. Lately I have decided to explore the concept of the “slow stitch” and I find it very soothing to have a piece of fabric in my lap with needle and thread.


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