Kaylene Maalste – A

A for Allium

Inspiration: The inspiration for “A” is from the  genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants and includes many plants, such as garlic, onion, shallots and chives. I used botanical drawings in my design rather than photos of the plants.

Technical aspects – I chose a batik fabric that had flower and leaf designs and drew the botanical drawings with a fabric marker and used an alphabet stencil for the lettering. I hand stitched the design and the background with embroidery thread. The flower heads and petals are pieces of silk dyed rods.

Botanical Drawing:

Set of plants silhouettes. Images of cosmos flowers, lavender, allium flowers and meadow herbs. Detailed images isolated black on white background. Vector design elements. One color – black.

Full series:

  1. I love the way that you have used botanical sketches rather than photos, the lines are so clean and precise. Beautiful stitching on a very pleasing piece. A great conclusion to your series.

  2. Very delicate piece so different from the other ones ! I like the dense embroideries on the background.

  3. Beautifully executed botanical drawing! So delicate and your hand stitching fits right in.
    Very different from your other pieces, but it makes for a conclusion of a great series.

  4. I love it how you used the botanical drawings. Such delicate colors. Your hand stitching is beautiful. Nice to see how both of us used the same flower and made such a different quilt.

  5. I love your use of the silk dyed rods. It gives the flower heads a 3 D feeling. Your hand stitching is very delicate. Beautiful conclusion of your series.

  6. The botanical sketches were a great inspiration for your series. It leaves open a chance for a more whimsical interpretation. The embroidery is delightful and I really like the fuzzy purple flower heads.

  7. A very delicate and thoughtful end to your series, with the botanical drawing perfectly depicted in your stitching. I love the contrast between the flowers and the hand stitching in the background which gives great depth to the piece. Well done

  8. I love the delicate look of this piece. The colours and the dainty hand stitching are so gentle and illustrate your theme beautifully.

  9. It is very different from what I expected from you but really my favorite. Love all the hand work you put into it to make the allium to bloom.

  10. The fine, detailed hand stitching works perfectly with the botanical composition. A lovely and delicate end to your beautiful series. Well done!

  11. Another allium in this group and so different depiction, love it!

  12. Lovely way to make your allium alive in this piece. Good combination of background and drawings. Subtle colours to complete it, a lovely end to your series.

  13. A different view of allium. You have perfectly taken the elegance and delicacy of the flower and with your hand stitching, you embellish its finesse. Bravo!

  14. studiociboulette

    I love your allium and all the fine details in your quilting. Beautiful color palette. I love all your pieces in the series. Beautiful

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