Sheryl Meech – Series #5


A branch of Pohutukawa handing down with the sea below.  These wonderful trees are often seen growing on the edge of cliff right on the coast, an amazing site when in full bloom.   New Zealand’s  Christmas trees.


Hand painted background fabric and hand dyed fabric for branches,  French knots to show the flowers in bud,   Heavy straight stitching in different threads for the flowers.


Quilt in Series



  1. Very elegant, I love the contrast between the flowers and buds. A great end to your series, well done.

  2. Very nice representation of Pohutukawa tree, it fits very well in your series.

  3. It is nice how you used different techniques to show us the Pohutukawa tree. I hope to see this tree in real some day. A very nice series.

  4. A presentation of a tree I have never seen in real. You showed it to us in many different ways in your quilts and produced beautiful series with it. Different techniques give different looks, still the pieces belong together, by the subject and the colors you used. Well done.

  5. A wonderful series, well done to have depicted the tree and blossom in so many different ways. Bravo

  6. Another stunning quilt of Pohutukawa tree! I really like your series and would like to thank you for introducing the beautiful plant to us!

  7. I like the way that this final piece is almost a close-up of the flowers that you have used throughout the series, and so sums up the designs. A beautiful and tranquil piece.

  8. I love the way you have created the buds and flowers. The threadwork makes the flowers seem lifelike. Your series has come together beautifully with the different portrayals of NZ flora and the unifying blue backgrounds.

  9. Like most of us I have never seen this tree. You have showed us its beauty in all kind of different shapes and styles. This last piece is a very elegant way to end your beautiful series.

  10. Beautifully stitched flowers in close-up really bring your series to a splendid close. I just wish I could see a pohutukawa in full bloom.

  11. One day maybe I too will be able to see the pohutukawa tree in person. All the techniques you used in the series work very nicely together. Lovely end to your beautiful series.

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