Paola Zanda – M

M for Madonna

For challenge M, I chose Madonna.From the Gothic chapel of our Church of Santa Marta, I took the image of Madonna on the throne with Baby Jesus. Paolo, as usual, took the picture and printed it on fabric.

Techniques: Machine freehand embroidery. Machine appliqué.

Material: Fabric manipulation with different overlapping techniques and using acrylic colours. , Sewing machine threads of cotton, polyester, metallic for embroidery. HeatnBond Lite, Vlieseline Stickvlies, synthetic wadding.

  1. Stunning, all that fine stitch work is so neat. I am so happy that you have a Madonna to add to your series! Really lovely.

  2. I agree with Caro, this is stunning and a great addition to your series. Beautiful thread quilting.

  3. Paola I am so impressed by the quality of your thread quilting ! It is so regular and neat ! I love the print on the wall behind the Madonna.

  4. The thread painting of this beautiful Madonna is awesome as is the embroidery in the border,
    Wonderful addition to your series.

  5. A most lovely addition to your series. Love the embroidery in the border! Beautiful thread quilting.

  6. I agree, stunning thread painting and beautiful, delicate embroidery on the border. Wonderful addition to your series. Well done!

  7. Love your Madonna, Paola! Especially the colours and your skilled thread painting.

  8. Beautifully executed work and the colours are stunning. The thread paimnting is very effective.

  9. Your thread painting is exquisite and it is amazing that you can pack so much detail into a 15″ square space. The colors you have used play beautifully off each other and the off-set layout was a wise decision.

  10. studiociboulette

    Beautiful Madonna and thread painting. I really like how you played off the antique look of the background. Beautiful addition to your series.

  11. You did it again. What a wonderful fine stitching to reach the expression of your Madonna and child. Your series is so stunning, hopefully we can see them all together next year. Bravo!

  12. That’s a very logical step to create a Madonna quilt for your series. Your thread painting is perfect, of course, but it also creates the expression of calmness on Madonna’s face, even she knows what future is awaiting of her child. Perfect, thank you!

  13. A lovely addition to your series. The gentle faces of Madonna and child are beautifully framed by your excellent stitching.

  14. Your tread painting is stunning. Such nice colors! The hand embroidery is lovely too.

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