Greetje Hein – A


I’m always impressed by the fragile flowers of the allium. Because of the shape and color of the allium I used this flower for the last piece of my series.

The background of this quilt is done like the other ones. I thread painted the circular shape of the allium several times on water soluble fabric. I used rayon thread in several shades of purple. The layers are attached to the background only in the center to create the three-dimensional effect.

Beads and knitting yarn are also in purple.

Detail view:



Full series:


  1. The use of the same background in all your pieces really draw them together as a series. The way that you have built up the head of the allium is lovely giving real texture to the piece. Great!

  2. Interesting how you used the several layers to give a three dimentional effect to the flower. Using the same construction for each quilts unify the serie.

  3. Great minds think alike, your interpretation is very different from mine and brings out the delicate nature of the Allium flower. A beautiful compliment to your series. bravo on the thread painting.

  4. This quilt is a great finish to your series. You have succeeded in unifying all six quilts by using same design and fabric elements. Great idea to enhance your flower with a 3D effect. Bravo!

  5. I really love how you managed to have the 3D effect in this quilt again. Very smart use of the water soluble fabric. Your whole series is such a lovely bouquet of flowers, that is even more expressed by always using the same background colour. Awesome.

  6. It was a wise choice to use the same background fabric throughout the series. It makes for a very cohesive viewing. I love your thread work and the beadwork. Very nice!

  7. Beautiful! I love the way that you have used water soluble to create the lacy effect of the flower, and the printing in the letter A complements and adds interest. A lovely series

  8. A lovely final piece in your series. I like the technique you have used to create the allium flower head.

  9. Your allium is so delicate and the color is stunning. Beautiful series.

  10. The lacy allium is so delicate but yet filled with so much texture, it’s a beautiful end to your colorful flower series. Stunning collection Greetje.

  11. Love allium myself and your execution is just brilliant!

  12. I love the alluin flowers too. The sturdy stem, with the small flower bulb on the top, gives both a strong and a fragile image, which you managed to capture very well. Nice that you let the stem continue outside of your work. A nice series, where you have kept your basic idea perfectly.

  13. I really like allium flowers and we have several in our garden. Really impressive the realization of the head and the 3D combination with the letter A. Excellent choice of colours. A great job to complete your floral series. Bravo!

  14. studiociboulette

    Beautiful allium flower to complete your bouquet of flowers. Bravo

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