Elsy Menko – A

A for Agapanthus

One of my favorite flowers is the agapanthus, also known as African lily, blue lily or lily of the Nile. It is a native of Natal and South Africa and thrives in our Mediterranean climate. In June and July it blooms in abundance.

It is a symbol of love and can also symbolize fertility, purity and beauty. The Egyptians revered it as a symbol of life. A picture I took in the summer served as the inspiration.

Dyed cottons, acrylan batting, synthetic backing. Machine stitched and quilted.

Original photo:

Full series:


  1. I love agapanthus flowers and you have interpreted this one so well, a great end to your series ! The colour of the background really helps to flower to stand out, very effective well done.

  2. Agathanpus are in bloom at the moment and make a beautiful display, a delicate and wonderful interpretation. bravo

  3. I love your agapanthus ! beautifully excuted and well balanced in your choice of details ! Bravo !

  4. t really feels as if the flower comes out of the quilt, because of the beautiful, very effective dense quilting in the background.. The flower itself is so skillfully and precisely executed that it is a feast for the eyes. Awesome.

  5. Wauw, this is beautiful! I love the colors and how the flower looks 3- dimensional.

  6. I also love agapanthus and have a multitude of them growing all around my home. Yours is a very skilled depiction of this fascinating plant.

  7. A beautiful depiction of a beautiful flower. The colours, detaing and stitching in this piece are awesome and bring the series to a wonderful conclusion. Well done

  8. A lovely quilt showcasing a beautiful flower. I like the colours and details and I think this is my favourite of your six.

  9. A beautiful and well executed 3 D flower. It does feel like it jumps out at you!
    Well done Elsy!

  10. It looks so real and stands out of the quilt. The background realy adds depth o the quilt. Very well done!

  11. Your agapanthus looks very impressive.And makes a great addition to the whole series.

  12. Great idea to end your series with the symbol of life. I too love the African lily, the colour and shape in intriguing and you managed to translate the image beautifully. The fine lines and embroidery work is wonderful! Well done Elsy.

  13. I love agapanthus, I have it in my garden and when it is in flower is so fascinating. Your quilt is so realistic and the 3D is impressive. Really a wonderful job. It completes so well your series. Bravo, well done!

  14. studiociboulette

    Soooo pretty, such a bursting with life flower. I love the colors you chose and all details in the quilting. Beautiful nature series. Bravo

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