Kaylene Maalste – Circles

I am afraid my original design based on the moon and butterflies was a small disaster the silk did not behave, oh well. So this is my second design in cotton using raw edge applique and hand embroidery. The design was inspired by a Japanese Kimono. The materials are plain cottons with a hint of a design and batiks. Machine quilted using walking foot.

Close up Views:




  1. Kaylene I love your colors and the echo quilting with the walking foot is very effective.

  2. I agree with Els; your colour palate is interesting — with those touches of orange — and that echo quilting is indeed very effective.

  3. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    Surrounding the circles with stitching makes then even more effective, lovely use of colours and I really like your hand stitching, a very nice and balanced piece.

  4. Kaylene, I love the colours you have chosen for the circles and they are perfect with the background colour. A great idea to add the name of the challenge in stitching, plus the hand stitched circles.

  5. Kaylene I love your choice of colours ! your piece is well balanced and it is reinforced by the echo quilting. I also like the “circles” added with hand stitches. Very nice !

  6. carolinehiggs

    Lovely colour palette and great stitching. I can almost visual the kimono!

  7. The batik circles work really well with the plain circles. I love the hand stitched circles on this piece.

  8. English quilter

    The echo quilting and quilting the text in a circle are very effective. The hand stitching adds character to the piece. Some of the fabrics break away from the “norm” of clear colours and add to the character of this piece.

  9. Lovely how you use plain cotton and batik. A nice use of the batik flowers in the center of the small circles. The handembroidered circles gives it the extra touch.

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