Greetje Hein – Motion “Keep running”

When this topic came up I had plenty of ideas. There are so many things in motion or moving. People are also always in motion.

I decided to make a quilt with running people, because I am running for a year now. When you run you move forward and you can go for a longer distance each time.

This quilt also symbolizes you must not stay in the same circle, but go on and explore yourself.

I ice dyed a piece of cotton fabric in a spiral. The spiral means you come out of your own circle.

Using a template and opaque fabric paint I stenciled the road and quilted this free motion with variegated thread.

I draw the people with a permanent marker.





Close up view


  1. Greetje, wow I love the explosion of the spiral and those great figures running around the spiral is a great design element, then of course there is the final touch of the road. well thought out and a tribute to your running.

  2. I’ve been a runner/jogger for 40 years or so now…marathons included. I confess I never thought of it this way but I enjoy your interpretation!

  3. Greetje, this is absolutely beautiful! The colours, the motion and the techniques you used, very effective. Compliments on this wonderful piece…

  4. This is a great concept. The stenciled road is just perfect. Lovely

  5. Greetje the fabric you used for your background is sooooo beautiful ! I like how your interpretation is linked with your own experience of running. Everything is well balanced, bravo !

  6. Absolutely stunning, I love it!

  7. Greetje the colours and the design in your dyeing are stunning. I love your simple stick running people on the road – they certainly express movement. JUst love it. THis is my 4th try to get my comments through to you!

  8. It is so beautiful! I like your ice dyed fabric. I am a fan of spiral. It is very creative to add the people in the picture.

  9. Greetje I love, love this piece. It is just wonderful: the colors of the ice dyed fabric, the simplicity of the running people, but most of all I Iove the stencilled road.

  10. The dyed fabric is stunning, and imparts such a lot of movement to the piece that it works perfectly. I too am a runner, and I love the way that your figures show the real effort involved! This is a truly wonderful piece

  11. Greetje, the fabric is beautiful, and provides the perfect backdrop for the simple running figures. There’s motion in the fabric itself, which adds to the effect.

  12. What an interesting quilt. I love the background spiral of colours.

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