Caro Higgs – M

Murano : Millefiori murrina

Inspiration: A visit to the island of Murano and the ‘millefiori murrina’ glass.

While in Venice a few years ago I visited Murano on a hot sunny afternoon and spent quite some time admiring and marvelling at the many shops filled with decorative glass as we wandered around the island. The millefiori murrina is made by using glass rods which are melted together, sliced and formed in to the required shape. I have worked from a photograph which I took, I hand painted the houses and then adding commercial fabrics which made me think of the glass. There were many colourful window boxes and I decided to keep the details of the windows and woodwork sketchy while adding colourful snippets of flowers.

Machine stitched except for the flower boxes which were hand stitched. The morse code letter M is also included. Framed in white like a photograph as per previous quilts in this series.

Detail of two sections


  1. Beautiful, I love your incorporation of the millefiori design fabric. So envious of your trip as I love glass work.

  2. Very good idea to use “millefiori fabrics” as an echo to the glass work in Murano.
    I like the painted houses too.

  3. The painted houses are beautiful! The fabrics and the very effective stitching make this a special quilt. I too am envious of your trip, must make it to Venice real soon.

  4. I really like how you incorporated fabric that replicated the millefiori glass patterns of Murano. Beautiful and well executed composition. Well done!

  5. I love your colourful painted houses combined with the commercial fabrics that represents the millefiori glas. Your stitching is very effective and I always admire the different layers in your pieces. Bravo.,

  6. Millefiori technique is very close to my heart and I love your execution of a theme. As well as very Venetian colour palette, very well done!

  7. What a great idea to use the fabric to depict the millefiori. The contrast between that and the buildings is really effectytive and as always the stitching is beautifully done. A lovely addition to your series

  8. Your use of perspective here is wonderful and acts to draw the viewer’s eye throughout the entire composition. The stitched details in each building add a touch of realism. It is a very pleasant composition.

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt and details, I love your choice of colors. Bravo!

  10. Love the style you used in this quilt. It gives depth and balans to the design. The way you used the flower fabric is stunning, very nice work!

  11. A lovely picture of a lovely place. The stitched details are greta.

  12. Caro, thank you for education! Some how I missed it when I was in Venice few years ago. Lovely piece and very effective use of flower fabric.

  13. I love your combination of painting and commercial fabric. You have chosen the right fabrics to represent the glass work. I was looking for the Morse code, but couldn’t find it.

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