Susan Slesinger – Nature – CALIFORNIA TIDEPOOL

I have always been fascinated by sea life, and enjoy watching it on shore and underwater. Several years ago my husband took a class with Kerby Smith at an Empty Spools Conference about photography and photo transfer techniques for quilters. As the conference is held in Asilomar State Park, California, which includes beach areas, Marv took a series of tide pool photographs.

 California Tidepool is my interpretation of elements of several of these photographs arranged to create a “fantasy” California tide pool. This pool includes bull kelp, a hardy seaweed which can grow up to ten inches a day, kombu, another type of kelp, and a sea anemone like creature. The piece incorporates a number of techniques including fabric “created” with Texture Magic™,turned edge and raw edge machine appliqué, photo transfer, machine quilting, and couching. Incorporating all of these elements into a 15” quilt, and working with the thick textured fabric posed a number of technical challenges.

Materials: Cotton batiks, hand-dyed cheese cloth, photographs transferred onto cotton sateen and silk organza, wool yarn, decorative hand-dyed cotton embroidery threads, cotton batting, silk, rayon, polyester and cotton threads.






Close up View:



  1. marginmirror

    I admire your ability to extract a focal point from all that is going on in the original photo, and distill it into a striking piece. Your eye for detail in this piece is terrific.

    • English quilter

      Thank you for your kind comments. It was challenging to distill the picture into a few distinct elements.

  2. I love the way how you’ve interpreted the picture. Just beautiful

  3. Wow, you did so well. I also love the sea. Navy life does that to one.

  4. Susan, this is gorgeous. I can see the underwater plant life swaying in the current!

  5. joanbrailsford

    Great interpretation of your picture – something I aspire to but never have the confidence to attempt. Well done

  6. English quilter

    Thank you. It has taken me a while to summons the courage to work with these photos.

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